Transforming Women into Corporate Goddesses

After more than 20 years in the business world,  I decided it was  time for me  to amplify my impact and share with more of you what I experienced  and learnt in my journey to executive positions. 

I have made many mistakes and fallen many times  but I have also  learnt the most valuable lessons from it. I have realised that the way to move along the ladder is not by becoming somebody you  are not and that  you  don't have to behave like a man to be successful. 

The only thing you need to do is to crack the code of the male-designed work place  and turn your  skills into  your unique advantage.  Easier said than done, right? That's why I  have designed tools and techniques to make it easier and truly effective so that you can have the most fulfilling career and  remain the wonderful woman you are. I founded The Corporate Goddess to make it possible.

Today I have the most rewarding job: I show women like you, across the world,  the path to become Corporate Goddesses. I do it because I love to inspire and help people attain their  full potential and  reach their professional dreams but also,  because I believe the only way to reach gender equality is by having more women in leading positions to advocate and open doors  for those who come behind,  as I have done myself. Women can play a much more active role to achieve that.

So are you ready to become a Corporate Goddess and be successful on your own terms? Let us help you.

Reach out and get started! 


About Arantza

Arantza Elizagarate has  developed her career for over 20 years in  bluechip companies such as Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, or IKEA, in Regional and Global positions. 

During her career, she has held senior leadership roles  in the  field of Supply Chain and Operations  and she joined the ranks of IKEA Global Management when she became  Head of the Logistics acfrioss and Supply Chain Development of the company, worldwide. 

Arantza is an activist for the Gender Equality  cause since she has experienced first hand the challenges women  face  in professional male dominated environments.  

She has coached and mentored  many women along her path and she found The Corporate Goddess in 2017  to share her learnings and help  women across  the globe reach their professional dreams.

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