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My name is Arantza, Arantza Elizagarate, and I am a Corporate Goddess.

To be honest I never thought I would become one - it was hard to get here -  and yet, I know this is what I eventually turned out to be: a woman standing on my feet, faithful to my  values, fighting for what I  believed I  deserved and most importantly developing the career I  dreamt of.

After more than 20 years in the business world, building and developing teams, it was   time for me  to share with other women what I experienced  and learn during my journey to senior leadership positions  so that you can  get inspired to go after your  dreams and reach them with, hopefully, less effort than I did.  

Today, my job is to show women  like you, across the world,  the path to also  become Corporate Goddesses.   I show them the way to advance in a man's world without forgetting the women they are, How do I do  it? I focus on their strengths and how to use them, I help them to protect their boundaries, negotiate their true value and have their voice heard... and I give them the codes of a man's world and a map  to identify traps so that they walk with a guide to overcome the challenges and obstacles. 

And let me tell you...there is nothing as rewarding as seeing you ladies smile, spread your wings...and fly!

We help you!

Advance,  progress and be  yourself; adjust and show results in half the time in that  new job you are starting ; get the salary you deserve, set your boundaries and reduce your stress...

We want you to be successful, whatever success means for you!

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