• Are you ready to advance in your company but do not know how to make it happen? Do you want to know how?
  • Are you facing a   tough negotiation? Your salary,  a promotion or difficult appraisal? Do you want to get the best outcome?
  • Are you starting a new job and to secure your success?

We have a 3 specific programs to make you succeed in these situations.


50% of you career development will be based on your professional networks: they  will open doors to new opportunities and support you in your journey.

How would you like joining an exclusive group  of like- minded women  networking with common purpose  and a dedicated mentor to give you you the answers you need? 

Join a mentor circle now!

Mentor circles


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our PROgrams

Our  programs have been  carefully designed  to support women  in the business world.  They all target specific challenges we all face at work  and provide with the  framework,  tools and techniques to make you succeed on your own terms.

What is more important: we make the journey with you . We are your mentor, your trainer and your sparring partner so that  you can practice your new skills  until you feel confident using them.  

Whether you want to advance your career, be more assertive and reduce stress, establish yourself quickly in a new job,  face a difficult situation or prepare or challenging negotiation, our senior female executives help you on your journey.


Advance your career. Be assertive. Communicate effectively. Handle conflict.

Your career is determined as much by your results, as by the perception you create every day around you. If you feel stuck, you may have unconscious habits that are hindering your advancement.

With  this program , you discover the obstacles that are blocking your progress. You will learn and practice  those techniques that will  make shine and advance your career in the direction you want.  You will feel strong, confident and more relaxed. You will be ready to step up and reach your dreamt next step as a Corporate Goddess.

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Women in negotiation. Salary increase. Get a promotion.Performance upraisal

Facing critical meeting? Are you negotiating your salary? Discussing your performance or your future development

In this unique program,  a negotiation expert takes you by the hand for you to get the best possible outcome in your upcoming  negotiation. 

In three sessions, your mentor helps you  prepare the strategy, rehearse the discussion and document the agreements achieved  to secure the best outcome for you 

You will feel confident and prepared  for your meeting.  After the sessions , you will have learned and practiced new skills to use in future negotiations or every day at work.

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Starting a new job? Congratulations! That is exciting: so many new things to learn, all those people to meet, a nee opportunity to shine but also.... a new culture to adjust to, new office politics,  the inaccurate or unclear job description, building credibility  from scratch. all that stress.

In this program,  a mentor will guide you through a process to transition successfully with reduced stress.  She will help you to create your first alliances, navigate the ambiguity, create a win-win relationship with your new manager and deliver results in half the time.

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a corporate goddess toolkit


How to be assertive
How to say no
How to advance your career
Happy business women
Career advance

This guide gives you the 10  essential points to build your assertiveness muscle.

It helps you to make a mental shift to feel entitled and able to protect your boundaries and gives you practical tips to say NO in a calm and professional way.


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