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After 20 years in the corporate world in senior roles,I decided it was time  to share my   experience in a man's world with you, because I want you to be successful on your own terms and have it easier than I did . ladies, I  want you to reach  your professional dreams, whatever the colour they have  and I  want you to do it with a smile, without losing a tiny bit of the WOMAN you are on the way.

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That the corporate world  has been built by men for men is just a fact. That  its culture  and codes remain masculine  is a reality.  it is not personal;  it is historical.   That reality, however,  makes the path  much harder for us, women. who don't naturally display  some of the behaviours that are still required - maybe unconsciously - in many companies, to get to  leadership, positions. Changing the world takes time  and energy but at The Corporate Goddess we spare no  efforts to speed  thus the process. in all the ways,  in all directions  

At The Corporate Goddess, we advocate for a corporate world that acknowledges that we, women,  reach outstanding results with our distinct style and that we mean serious business. We are good enough; we are more than good enough, and we don't need to be any different to move mountains... because we are already moving them.

We  also advocate for us, women ourselves to accelerate the change by taking up the responsibility of stepping up to higher positions as some of us did, even  when it seems tough and you get discouraged.  But ladies, you  won't be alone  on the journey because we want to help you to get there for you to shine, inspire others and  open doors for them so that  WE,  TOGETHER, CAN  CHANGE THE WORLD!


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Do want to learn  and practice the techniques that will make you feel  like a Corporate Goddess and have  fulfilling careers?


Are  you facing a difficult meeting with a colleague or with your boss? Do you want to ask for a promotion or a salary increase and get results? Are you negotiating a contract for a new job? Get a senior mentor.


Are you starting a new job and want to get up to speed in half the time? Do you want to understand the codes of the new environment  and develop a network that  will help you succeed?

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JIMENA, Recruitment Specialist, Switzerland

Thanks to these programs I have  learnt to be more articulated and convincing at work and  to move things in the direction I need. I am know able to identify hidden issues and  set up strategies  to overcome them.
The programs are powerful. Arantza is  very professional and distills an experience you won't find in any book. I have liked going into practical details adapted to my specific needs and having the chance to rehearse for challenging situations.   Get  ready  to rock and  embrace the new you!